Our Company

Global Logistics Advisory
and Containerized Technologies

Cogence Systems, LLC is a Nevada-based technology integrator specializing in the design, delivery, installation and operation of end-to-end containerized technology solutions for austere, off-grid environments, both in the U.S. and abroad.

We represent the intersection of cutting-edge containerized technologies and advisory capability, leveraging decades of international relations and logistics experience to provide our clients with holistic solutions designed to support the specific components of every scenario.

Cogence Systems strategically leverages a consortium of trusted, best-in-class technology partners, working closely with our clients to integrate the newest cutting edge technologies into full-scope, ruggedized modular packages that can be delivered to clients anywhere in the world. After initial deployment and as the client’s mission and needs change, Cogence Systems works closely with the client to suggest new solutions, harnessing the most advanced technologies for use where they are most acutely needed.


Our Advantage
Global Expertise

Our firm represents the accumulation of decades of knowledge and experience in international development, security, intelligence, logistics, and project management. 

Breakthrough Technologies

We leverage an expansive network of technology providers to outfit your project with modular solutions that work in all conditions. Our innovative technologies increase overall project resilience without sacrificing portability and modularity. 


Cogence Systems provides custom-fit solutions. Each project is viewed holistically and individually, allowing us to devise a solution that directly addresses your needs while remaining modular, portable, and rugged. 

Our Vision

Karl Wagner, CEO – "Cogence Systems emerged following my retirement from government affairs as a way to facilitate efficient, secure, and impactful development in frontier environments. We provide the logistics and technology backbones for projects of all types and sizes."

our history
November 2020

Cogence Systems is founded as a ruggedized technology integrator and global logistics advisor, providing enterprises, NGOs, and governments with tools that facilitate safer, more efficient, and more impactful development projects. 


Enables and supports development projects in austere environments in Africa, East Asia, and the Middle East.