Our Method

Cogence Systems strategically leverages a consortium of trusted, best-in-class technology partners, working closely with our clients to integrate the newest cutting edge technologies into full-scope, ruggedized modular packages that can be delivered anywhere in the world. After initial deployment and as clients’ missions and needs change, Cogence Systems works closely to suggest new solutions, harnessing the most advanced technologies for use where they are most acutely needed.

Years of Combined International Development & Affairs Experiences
International Projects Managed
Technology Partners
Solution to Match Your Needs.
Technology Integration

Cogence Systems works with clients to understand project needs and build a custom ruggedized package of technologies before delivering to frontier environments. Whether your needs are communications, energy, security, shelter, health, or something else entirely, Cogence Systems can provide you with a best-in-class solution.

Logistics Advisory

International Development and Logistics present a major challenge to the uninitiated. Through decades of experience, we’ve determined best practices handling the complex processes of customs, logistics, and transportation globally. Rely on our international network of experts to do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

ESG Impact Consulting

Cogence Systems understands the importance of impact minimization. Reducing environmental impact, bolstering communities, and guaranteeing fair governance are of the utmost priority in international operations. Our experts wield the knowledge and experience to make sure your project meets the most stringent of ESG standards.