Technology Integration

Satellite voice and data systems; Push-to-talk local net systems; Portable mobile towers; Mesh Networking Systems.

Off-grid electric; Alternative energy (such as solar and wind); Waste-to-hydrogen conversion technology; Power storage solutions.

Desalinization solutions; Sewage treatment modules; Filtration; Water Kiosks.

Containerized, portable living quarters; Shelter-in-a-box, including fabric buildings for large and small industrial use cases.

Drone-in-a-box; Fencing solutions; Off-grid camera systems (including thermal and infrared).

Emergency care and medical testing modules (to include mobile labs for COVID-19 and other infectious disease testing); Medical refrigeration containers (for drugs and vaccines); Containerized physical fitness solutions for all age groups and ability levels

Mess hall and food preparation solutions; Off-grid food refrigeration modules.

Ruggedized, edge computing modules; Enterprise IT solutions with both local (for ease of access and security) and cloud (for redundancy and disaster recovery) storage options.